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We reduce the cost of construction of buildings and structures up to 20%

due to prestressing of reinforced concrete structures Get a commercial offer

We have been developing design and working documentation since 2007. More than 100 facilities were built according to our projects

We help the customer to save on construction costs due to effective design solutions

100% of the facilities built according to our projects received a positive expert opinion

About prestressing technology

The structures are prestressed by applying loads that arise when the pre-tensioned reinforcement, trying to contract, transfers pressure to the structure at the anchoring points and at the places where the reinforcement trajectory changes. For all types of structures (reinforced concrete, steel, steel-reinforced concrete, fiber-reinforced concrete, wooden), prestressing allows to save materials and reduce total mass of the structure, and for reinforced concrete structures it improves crack resistance.

The following elements may be prestressed:

  • Girder prestressing
  • Floors prestressing
  • Slabs prestressing
  • Restressing of reinforced concrete structures and individual elements

Where is prestressing of structures used?


Civil construction: parking, shopping centers, office buildings, hotel complexes


Transport construction: bridges, overpasses, crosswalks


Hydraulic engineering construction: riverside wharves, sea offshore platforms


Industrial construction: silos of cement, sugar and other bulk materials


Storage tanks for liquefied gas (LNG), sump tanks for liquids


Construction of nuclear power plants: structural steel of nuclear plants

What are the benefits of our technology?

Large spans and corbels

Dead weight reduction

Savings on structures

Increased earthquake resistance

Free layout

Durability due to absence of cracks in concrete

Low operating costs

Active construction management during design, rather than passive monitoring

What services does our company provide?

Development of design and working documentation

Development of technology for production of monolithic and reinforced concrete structures

Selection of concrete composition and grout

Engineering and Consulting

Calibration of hydraulic tensioning jacks

Video inspection of ducts, pipelines, wells

Field supervision of construction according to the final documentation

Preliminary or independent design calculations (as a third-party examination)

Training and certification of specialists and workers according to the technology to install the prestressing system

Research and testing of materials, equipment and systems used in prestressed concrete

Projects completed
under our technology

Construction period: June 2016 to August 2017

Logistic complex "Beliy Rast Logistics"

Logistic complex “Beliy Rast Logistics” at: Moscow region, Dmitrovsky municipal district, urban settlement Iksha, near the village of Kuzyaevo


Industrial floors with a pre-tensioning system (unbonded) 200 mm thick.

Project Features:

Maximum post load 0.15×0.15m: Рр = 10.8 t. Installation of two posts of adjacent racks at a distance of 330 mm between each other for the inner rows of posts was taken into account. The floor slab is supported by prefabricated reinforced concrete piles 300x300mm in increments of 1.7×1.7 m. A through installation of strands through all concreting bays over the entire length is provided. The distance between expansion joints is 120 m.

Construction period: November 2017 to December 2018

Overpass of the M-4 “Don” road

Restoring load capacity of the M-4 “Don” road overpass.


Girders of T-section, without
prestressed reinforcement with increased height up to 1080 mm and slab thickness 180 mm. Girders reinforcement consists of external steel tendons using the unbonded pre-stressing system of STS Ltd. For different spans, a different type of reinforcement is provided. It depends on availability of the existing girders and location of new girders in this span

Project Features:

Reinforcement provides for load capacity of the superstructures in terms of bending moment to carry loads A11 and NK-80 in case of emergency breakage of 2 lower principal longitudinal reinforcing bars of old girders.

Construction period: March 2019 to September 2019

Business park with underground parking

Construction of a Business Park with underground parking at: Moscow, Volokolamskoye Shosse, est. 75А


4-5 store buildings with underground parking. The grid of columns is 8.1×8.1 m. Prestressed girders with a span of up to 16.2 m, height of 700 mm and width of 1600-2500 mm. Prestressed floor girder with corbel-type sections with overhang of up to 8.1 m, girder height 400 mm, width 1000-1300 mm. Flooring concrete B30. Thickness of the floors – 250 mm, of covering – 300 mm.

Project Features:

Resting of columns of upper stores on the middle of girder span 16.2 m long.

Construction period: March 2013 to October 2014

Cargo terminal "Domodedovo"

Reconstruction of the airport terminal complex of the cargo terminal (IV stage) of Domodedovo International Airport


Warehouse with girder floor of cast-in-place prestressed reinforced concrete. Girder spans 21.8 m. Flooring area 21,000 m2. Payload 500 kg/m2.

Project Features:

Increased level of responsibility, unbonded system, insulated anchors.

Construction period: May = June 2019

Water sump tank. Construction of wastewater treatment plants at OJSC “Mari Pulp-and-Paper Plant”, Volzhsk, Mari El Republic.

Construction of wastewater treatment plants at OJSC “Mari Pulp-and-Paper Plant”, Volzhsk, Mari El Republic.


: Water sump tank. The walls of the tank are made of cast-in-place reinforced concrete with thickness of 300 mm and height of 4400 mm. The outer radius of the tank is 26 m. Concrete B25. Water pressure is provided with height of 4100 mm from the bottom of the wall. At 356 degrees there is a hole 1200 x 1500 mm. The joint of the wall and bottom plate is hinged.

Project Features:

Replacing the original solution to wind high-strength wire with the solution to use K-7 strands in a protective sheathe (unbonded).

Construction period: August - September 2017

Yenisey Stadium

Yenisey Stadium in Krasnoyarsk.


Pre-stressed ties of roof arches.

Project Features:

Prestressed ties are designed to absorb thrust of the roof arches of 99 m span.

Construction period:

(Русский) АЭС


(Русский) Система преднапряжения защитной оболочки (СПЗО) на объектах использования атомной энергии (ОИАЭ)

Project Features:

(Русский) Система преднапряжения защитной оболочки (СПЗО) – совокупность горизонтальных и вертикальных арматурных пучков, предназначенная для обжатия внутренней защитной оболочки, в целях восприятия растягивающих усилий, возникающих при действии внутреннего избыточного давления в случае аварии. Таким образом, обеспечивается прочность и трещиностойкость железобетонных сечений оболочки при малых процентах ненапрягаемой арматуры. Внутренняя защитная оболочка (ВЗО) – сооружение из предварительно напряженного железобетона, состоящее из цилиндрической части и полусферического купола. Специалистами АО «Институт технологий преднапряжения» были выполнены комплекты рабочей документации на СПЗО, по следующим объектам:
1. Ленинградская АЭС-2 блок №1;
2. Курская АЭС-2, блоки №1 и №2;
3. АЭС Аккую, блоки №1 и №2;
4. Ростовская АЭС (замена элементов).

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    Construction testing laboratory

    Building materials testing

    Rebar testing

    Testing of reinforcing joints

    Test of ropes, strands

    Test of the sheath of ropes, strands

    Testing mortar and concrete

    Selection of the composition of mortar and concrete

    Calibration, calibration and calibration of hydraulic equipment

    Soil and rock testing

    Testing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

    Determination of hardness of metals

    Production of dry mixes, mortar, concrete

    Relaxation and Corrosion Test on Ropes

    Tests for frost resistance of concrete and mortar samples

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      The geography of our projects

      We cooperate with all the regions of the Russian Federation as well as with the countries of near and far abroad

      JSC "IPT" in numbers


      > 13 years on the market

      1 mln mln

      > 1 mln of square meters
      of designed floors


      > 10,000 tons of prestressed reinforcement
      at the designed facilities


      > 50 clients

      3 bln bln

      > 3 bln RUB of savings
      on price of floors


      > 50 design engineers
      on a full-time basis

      Want to know more about our company?

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      (Русский) Директор (Русский) по проектированию

      (Русский) Марченко Максим Сергеевич

      (Русский) Директор по проектированию

      (Русский) Образование

      (Русский) Закончил с отличием факультет «Мосты и тоннели» СГУПС (НИИЖТ) в 2001 году.
      Достижения в ходе учебы: два года подряд именной стипендиат Президента РФ,
      победитель вузовской и областной олимпиад по сопротивлению материалов и
      теоретической механике, участник всероссийских олимпиад по данным

      (Русский) Профессиональная деятельность

      (Русский) 2001-2007 инженер, начальник ПТО, и.о. зам. директора по производству КТФ
      «Мостоотряд-125» ПАО «Мостотрест»

      2007-2017 Главный инженер проектов ООО «ПроектСтройМост»

      2017 – н.в. Главный инженер проектов, Директор по проектированию АО «ИТП»

      (Русский) Опыт в области предварительно-напряженного железобетона

      (Русский) 1999 – инъецирование каналов напрягаемой арматуры на объектах ТТК в Москве

      2000 – руководитель работ по монтажу напрягаемой арматуры на объектах ТТК в

      2001 – 2007 техническое сопровождение строительства объектов с напрягаемой
      арматурой (технологические регламенты, проекты производства работ,
      поставка комплектующих и оборудования)

      2007 – н.в. построено 33 объекта с напрягаемой арматурой с участием в качестве
      Главного инженера проекта, опубликовано 5 научных статей по
      предварительно-напряженным конструкциям, сделано 15 докладов по
      предварительно-напряженным конструкциям на конференциях

      Key personnel of our company

      Our licenses and certificates

      Frequently asked questions

      • Why is it worth approaching your company?

        We are the only organization in CIS that has occupied the specialists in prestressed structures in all areas of construction. Some unique specialists in bridge and nuclear construction work with us.

      • Which construction organizations can build a facility using your projects?

        Any organization that has experience in formwork, reinforcement and monolithic work is able to use our projects to construct on its own. However, specialized prestressing works are usually entrusted to the companies that already have experience working with such projects. In such cases, we recommend our partner STS Ltd. This is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of the Russian prestressing system. This company has its own construction department. Coordination between the construction participants is easy. The experience has proven than no effect on the timing or quality of the object occurred. Of course, it is possible to perform prestressing by the contractor’s efforts according to the installation supervision scheme from a company with experience in prestressing.

      • Do you have experience in passing state expertise?

        Yes, we are proud to say that since 2007 we haven’t had a single negative conclusion of state expertise on our facilities.

      • Is it possible to see a facility with the prestressing system under construction?

        We will be please to do it. Contact us and we will select the most suitable facility for you.

      • How do you control the quality of implementation of your projects?

        We provide field supervision services for construction according to our documentation. We also have implemented a non-conformance management system both for internal comments and for comments from customers.

      • How does communication with the client go?

        First, an inquiry specification is compiled. It is discussed with the Client, Chief Project Engineer (CPE), and Director for Design. Then, the Chief Project Engineer makes the estimated labor intensity and you get a commercial quotation. When the contract is concluded, Chief Project Engineer prepares a design schedule, Director for Design allocates the Team Manager and employees for implementation. While preparing documentation, technical and regulatory control is carried out. After that, Chief Project Engineer sends the documentation to the client and receives feedback from it (comments), sends reports of the work performed.

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